• Auto edit videos
    and share
    to social
    - Auto-Shorten your long videos,
    - Get instant Time Lapse previews,
    - Edit less and have more fun,
    - FREE to use.

Take your video to the next level

CutShelf is designed to make video sharing easier than ever before. With that in mind we decided to start with the biggest social video networks; YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Vine. Our Alpha enables you to automatically shorten ANY of your long videos (On Desktop, and soon Mobile) into 30, 15 and 6 second clips.

ALPHA TIP: Upload your short CS "video cuts" to Dropbox. Share them on Vine and Instagram from your phone, and drive traffic to your other videos or web pages. (THIS WILL BE AUTOMATED IN OUR NEXT RELEASE.)

  • Unlimited Encoding

    Drag and drop as many videos as you want!

  • Be Discovered

    Share your videos can get more recognition.

  • Social Ready Video

    Perfect for Vine, Instagram and YouTube.

  • Promote on CutShelf

    Get exposure on our channel.

  • Make Money

    Coming soon. The CutShelf Marketplace.

Coming down the pike

We are already working on the next version. Our mobile apps are launching later this year. CutShelf will work on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. We also plan to release a Firefox and Chrome browser extension to make video promotion easier than ever before.

Give us your input for features you would like us to include in the final release. Send us your feedback and ideas

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The Future of CutShelf

Thanks for trying out CutShelf. We want to reiterate we are in Alpha development. (What is Alpha?). This is an early release that WORKS great! Download it, check it out and let us know what you think. In our next release, we will provide one click sharing to multiple social networks.

Our ultimate goal is to enable anyone with a mobile phone, tablet or computer to quickly cut videos, share them to multiple social networks -- and eventually make money.

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